Participant Portal


The Participant Portal is a secure and user-friendly single point of contact for participants. It facilitates access to regulatory documents as well as submitting requests, reports and notices to the Division. Participants have round-the-clock access for consulting information related to their activities with the Division, such as the list of their approved persons, their MX-ID identifiers, and to consult the status of any request they have submitted to the Division.

Portal features

  • Designated Representatives
    • Appointment
    • Update
    • Termination
  • Authorized Signatories
    • Appointment
    • Update
    • Termination
  • Secure File Transfers
  • Approved Person Requests
    • Approval
    • Transfers
    • Termination
    • Status Change
  • MX-ID Access Requests
    • Requests
    • Transfers
    • Deletions
  • Trader Training
    • Certification - Futures Trading
    • Certification - Options Trading
  • Notification of Non-Compliance (Gatekeeper)
  • Order Marker Correction
  • Direct Electronic Access (DEA) Clients
    • Disclosure to the Division in accordance with Regulation 23-103
  • Scorecard
  • Cyber Security Incident Reporting


For more information, please contact the Regulatory Division at