Requesting an MX identification number (MX-Id)

Please note that a client cannot request an MX-ID identification number directly. This request should be made by the Approved Participant by which he is trading.

As of June 28, 2019, any request for access to the trading system of the Bourse must also be made through the Participant Portal. An administrator's access has been provided to each Approved Participants of the Bourse. The Portal administrator of each Approved Participant is responsible for granting access to the various modules of the Portal to the employees of their firm.

Transmitting a Client-Identification Form

The Client-ID Form has been updated to clarify, for approved participants, the information requested by the Division in accordance with the Regulation 23-103 respecting electronic trading and direct electronic access to marketplaces, L.R.Q., c.V-1.1, r. 7.1.

To transmit the new client-ID Form to the Regulatory Division please use the new form and sent it to:

Client-ID Form