The Division, in a Nutshell

  • Bourse de Montréal inc. (the “Bourse”) has a major stake in maintaining the confidence of investors and financial institutions in the Canadian derivatives markets.
  • In Canada, our self-regulatory organization has the mission of maintaining the transparency, credibility and integrity of this country's exchange-traded derivatives market. It provides a variety of financial safeguards for market users.
  • Pursuant to the Exchange’s Recognition Order as a self-regulatory organization and to the Rules regarding the Regulatory Division (articles 2.100 to 2.103) the Bourse must ensure that the Regulatory Division is provided with sufficient resources and funds. Furthermore, no fines or penalties collected by or on behalf of the Regulatory Division may be distributed or transferred to the Bourse for commercial purposes or for payment of dividends.
  • The Division funds its programs and activities (including surveillance, investigations and examinations), through distinct regulatory fees assessed directly on Approved Participants of the Bourse. Regulatory fees collected are for the exclusive use of regulatory operations.