Large open position reporting

In an effort to automate as well as increase confidentiality and security to the reporting process for large open positions in derivative instruments listed on Bourse de Montréal Inc. (the Exchange), the Regulatory Division of the Exchange, in collaboration with the Information Technology Solutions Department of the Exchange, has developed and implemented an automated and secure reporting solution known as LOPR.

Hereunder you will find links to circulars, technical notices and technical documents issued by the Exchange in connection with the LOPR project.

For general information about LOPR, please contact us at lopr@m-x.ca.

LOPR circulars

Date No Title
2020-05-06 078-20 Position Limits – Futures Contracts and Options on Futures Contracts
2020-03-20 048-20 Position Limits For Share Futures Contracts
2020-03-20 047-20 Position Limits - Stock and Trust Unit Options, Exchange Traded Fund Unit Options, Sector Index Options, Index Options, Currency Options

Technical notices

Date No Title
2017-08-22 007-17 Large Open Position Reporting (LOPR) Enhancement
2013-03-25 003-13 LOPR Project - Self Certification Authorization by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)
2013-02-21 002-13 LOPR Regulatory Requirements Guide for Canadian and Foreign Approved Participants

Technical documents

Date Title
2020-03-09 LOPR Regulatory Requirements Guide - v2.0
2020-03-09 LOPR Portal - User Guide
2012-04-30 LOPR Production ID Request Form